After The Oligarchy is a project created by Ferdia H. O’Brien, a futurist, and social science researcher and educator living in Ireland. He studied electrical engineering at university and is otherwise an autodidact.

Ferdia H. O’Brien, Futurist.

Let’s face it: humanity is in terminal crisis. As Earth System collapse accelerates, new fascisms and technocracies are rising on a planet strewn with nuclear warheads. Wealth accumulates apace in a global oligarchy with unprecedented power, while their cameras, algorithms, and robots, monitor and control us sleeplessly.

We are living through the end of human civilization and the beginning of a new Dark Age, the horrors of which cannot be comprehended.

At the same time, our species has never been better positioned to fulfil a different destiny. Over thousands of years of social evolution we have painstakingly developed complex institutions, norms, and artifacts, which prepare the way for an enlightened, highly advanced, peaceful and egalitarian global society. This new Bright Age is so close, we can almost reach out and touch it.

After The Oligarchy.

Humanity is not helpless, we have options. There are serious proposals for social change in the short, medium, and long term, including for sophisticated new economic and political systems. After The Oligarchy is dedicated to investigating those pathways to the next epoch.

Ferdia O’Brien explores the details of humanity’s bright future by interviewing outstanding guests on the After The Oligarchy podcast and YouTube channel, as well as creating video lectures and essays, and posting articles on this website. He is continuously engaged in research, particularly on the political economy of post-capitalist society, and is currently co-authoring a book with Anders Sandström presenting a detailed model of a democratic socialist society.

As an educator, After The Oligarchy is known for investigating human society in unusual detail and with exemplary open-mindedness, bringing a scientist’s equanimity and an engineer’s practicality to a domain too often mired in sectarianism and woolly thinking.

Since After The Oligarchy is concerned with the whole human, matters other than political economy will be considered such as philosophy and religion.

Earth is ruled by an Oligarchy.

A tiny super-wealthy minority.

They direct global capitalism, international institutions, and nation states.

Their main instrument is the United States Empire.

They are not lizard people.

They are the winners of an impersonal class competition.

As society economically and politically polarizes, as the biosphere disintegrates, they are preparing to maintain their rule over an Apocalypse Earth.

The crises we face cannot be overcome within the current system, where the vast majority have little control over their own lives. The centre cannot hold.

The choice is stark and urgent


A society where everything is owned by a tiny minority which holds the rest of the population in permanent debt servitude.

Democratic Socialism

A society where the common people govern themselves and hold the means of life in common ownership.

The 21st century will be an epic struggle.

But crisis is not written into human DNA.

We can change this social system.

We must dare to imagine a new Bright Age.

We must dare to study, discuss, and invent the next era.

We must dare to create a future