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Firestorm Books Event: Discussion with Prof. Robin Hahnel on A Participatory Economy

On Thursday 13th October (19:00 ET) I will be joining Prof. Robin Hahnel to discuss his latest book A Participatory Economy, released 4th October 2022. Democratic Economic Planning (2021) is an excellent book and a milestone in the post-capitalism literature, but too technical for some readers. This new book – A Participatory Economy – is an accessible overview of Participatory Economics up-to-date for 2022

The event has been organised by Firestorm Books. Register using the previous link.

Firestorm is a cooperatively owned libertarian bookshop in North Carolina, USA. I commend them for having the wisdom to engage with the details of post-capitalist vision, a topic sorely neglected by socialists (and, a fortiori, everybody else).

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